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Spesialis Panel Listrik
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Spesialis Panel Listrik
Contact Information
Mr. M. Subhi [Marketing]
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Phone number of Mr. M. Subhi at Depok
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Mobile number of Mr. M. Subhi at Depok
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Fax number of Mr. M. Subhi at Depok
Cinere Residence Blok F6 No.3
Depok 16514, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date: Aug. 27, 2012Last Updated: Apr. 18, 2014
Business Nature: Trade, Service of Electronics & Electrical category

Company Brief

LVMDB, Capacitor Bank Panel, Distribution Panel, Lighting Panel, Panel sktr-SR, PJU Panel, KWH Meter Panel, Panel Synchron Genset, ATS-AMF Panel, Pump Panel, Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Handling Post New Additions Power & Power Down PLN official, Lamp Lighting, Floodlight, Garden Lights, Lights PJU, Column PJU, Stang Ornament, Power Outlet / Stop contacts, Making Substations PLN, Genset, Transformers, Recondition / service transformers, transformer and MV Cubicle Installation, Transformer & MV Terminations cubicle, TR Rack, Lighting Installation, TR Cables, Cable Installation SKTM, LVMDP Panel, Installation Concrete Pillar, Lightning arresters, pantek Grounding, Infrared thermography, solara cell, etc..

Major Products / Services

Buyer :
  • Transformer / Trafo
    Merk Trafindo
  • Capacitor Bank
    Merk Nokian
Seller :
  • Panel LV dan Capacitor Bank
    Panel LVMDP, Capacitor Bank, Panel Distribusi, Panel Hubung Bagi SKTR/ SR, Panel PJU (Penerangan Jalan Umum)
  • Kabel
    Kabel merk 4 besar / Kabelindo
  • Tiang PJU
    Tiang PJU 5, 7, 9 meter type tanam dan baseplate lengkap dengan angkur dan keranjang
Cooperation :
  • Service Trafo
    Maintenance / Purifying Trafo, Ganti Oli Trafo, Test DGPT

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